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  • Blanca F.

    Blanca F., Lynwood, CA

    "The highlight of the party was when my 5 year old told me 'Mom, I didn't like it. I LOVED it.'"

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  • Melissa S.

    Melissa S., Brewster, OH

    "Let's just say the microwavable pouch is genius!"

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  • Tiffany F.

    Tiffany F., Beaverton, OR

    "Come enjoy a little cherry party and be inspired to create something of your own."

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  • Natasha T.

    Natasha T., North Augusta, SC

    "My fiancé especially LOVED the Strawberry Real Fruit topping."

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  • Carrie H.

    Carrie H., Carlinville, IL

    "Hello, Mixed Berry Galette, fresh out of the oven." (Recipe)

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  • Jenny D.

    Jenny D., Latrobe, PA

    "I decided to test out the real fruit toppings first. To my delight, they were so good I was eating spoonfuls right out of the jar."

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  • Melissa M.

    Melissa M., Fort Gay, WV

    "I am making a board dedicated to ice cream because it is one of my all time sweet treats and who doesn't feel like a kid again when they eat it?"

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  • Melanie W.

    Melanie W., Hagerstown, MD

    "The strawberry topping was the absolute bomb! They tasted like they were just picked."

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  • Michelle B.

    Michelle B., Hiawatha, IA

    "The Breyers Ice Cream Toppings came today! Ready, Set… Sundaes!"

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  • Carrie H.

    Carrie H., Carlinville, IL

    "These microwavable packages are simple, easy, and not even the slightest bit messy."

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